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At RFOR, our values guide our decisions and establish standards of conduct which shape our daily culture. These values are the foundation upon which RFOR stands:

  • Integrity: Honesty and transparency.

  • Teamwork: Collective strength.

  • Respect: Dignity for all.

  • Accountability: Own your actions and deliver on commitments.

  • Communication: Collaborate transparently for common goals.

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Wallow Fire

The biggest fire in state history wiped out 538,049 acres in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Alpine. 


Restoration Forest Products is passionate about the vital work of forest restoration in order to help protect communities from catastrophic wildfires and post-wildfire flooding, improve wildlife habitats, conserve biodiversity, mitigate overgrowth and restore our natural forest structure and function.

RFOR works actively and collaboratively with the U.S. Forest Service on a variety of contracts including service contracts and timber sales.  RFOR also works collaboratively with the Four Forest Restoration Initiative who’s mandate is to restore forest health and working to meet the needs of all of the stakeholders including communities, state, federal, environmental, and business.  The U.S. Forest Service seeks to restore over 2.4 million acres of Arizona’s forest to a more natural state, thereby reducing wildfire risk. 


Arizona has experienced massive wildfires in the past decade, each destroying hundreds of miles of natural forests totaling over 1.47 million acres. For reference, the total amount of acres that burned is the same size as the entire Grand Canyon National Park.

Fueled by flammable materials including brush, needles, leaves and small trees, these fires have increasingly become more destructive and more dangerous to fight.  Alongside the USFS and 4FRI, RFOR is able to safely and responsibly thin the forest floors, thus creating a healthier ecosystem and mitigating wildfire threats and post wildfire destruction.


RFOR restores forest acres in Arizona under prescriptions provided by the U.S. Forest Service once the acres have undergone review, in accordance with The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The environmental review process under NEPA provides an opportunity for the public to be involved in the Federal agency decision-making process. NEPA requires Federal agencies to consider environmental effects that include impacts on social, cultural, and economic resources, as well as natural resources.



As a home-grown Arizona company, Restoration Forest Products is committed to creating safe and meaningful jobs, revitalizing and growing communities for protecting our national forests. With the recent acquisition of a 425,000-square-foot building and equipment for a state-of-the-art sawmill and remanufacturing facility in Bellemont, Ariz. – the largest high-capacity sawmill facility in Arizona  – Restoration Forest will be creating more than 200 new jobs in the forestry industry.

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