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As a home-grown Arizona company, Restoration Forest Products is committed to creating safe and meaningful jobs, revitalizing and growing communities for protecting our national forests. With the recent acquisition of a 425,000-square-foot building and equipment for a state-of-the-art sawmill and remanufacturing facility in Bellemont, Ariz. – the largest high-capacity sawmill facility in Arizona – Restoration Forest will be creating more than 200 new jobs in the forestry industry.

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Bellemont Facility Front Exterior.jpg
Bellemont Facility Front Exterior.jpg


The Windfall Mill is located in Bellemont, Arizona in our 425,000 square foot industrial manufacturing facility. The Windfall Mill consists of three sawmill lines with corresponding planer mill and kiln-drying capacity. In addition, Bellemont houses an Engineered Wood Products plant and a compression bagging line for residual products.

NEWL - Forest 2.png
NEWL - Forest 2.png


RFOR maintains in-house harvesting and hauling operations. Harvesting operations specialize in forest restoration with capacity in chipping and grinding low-grade biomass products derived from forest restoration and thinning activities. 


Restoration Forest Products has partnered with a number of local companies and has supply agreements with many other local industry companies. We have been building on and expanding these and other local industry relationships. Working together as a collective group is critical to getting the work done on forest restoration. It allows us to harness all of the knowledge and experience created over decades here in Arizona.


Some of our current industry partners include:

Canyon Creek Logging 
GRO-WELL Brands 
Novo Star Wood Products

Some of our current supply partners include:



Ace Hardware


Sherwin Williams


Restoration Forest Products closed a $200 million sustainability-linked bond financing to fund the expansion of Restoration Forest’s wood products manufacturing facilities and forest restoration capacity, enabling a significant increase in annual acreage restored. Goldman Sachs acted as underwriter and placement agent on the financing. The sustainability-linked bond issued by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority is one of the first of its kind in the U.S. “green bond” market and mandates specific forest restoration targets.

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